God of Longevity

Author: Conrad Hilberry
Artist: KBAC

God of Longevity is a series of poems by Conrad Hilberry which were inspired by 19th and early 20th century Chinese paintings from the collection of Richard Fabian and which were on display at the  Joy Light Gallery for Asia Art in the Kalamazoo Institute of  Arts.

The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center published this book in 2014. Each poem is hand set in English Garamond type and paired with an archival print of the painting by which it was inspired. The paper was handmade at the KBAC from abaca and cotton pulp with a deckle at the top of each page. This book is an accordion book which when closed measures 9 x 6 inches but opens to be over 8 feet long. There are 75 copies of the book. Please feel free to come to the KBAC store to see the book in person.

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