Poets in Print

August 2010: Janée J. Baugher & Michael Sikkema

Friday, August 6, 2010

KBAC Gallery
7:00 p.m.

Janée J. Baugher & Michael Sikkema with broadsides by Jeff Abshear & Katie Platte.



Baugher by Abshear

Poet: Janee Baugher
Artist: Jeff Abshear
Poem: Eiffel Tower: View of Paris



Sikkema by Platte, Aug. 2010

Poet: Michael Sikkema
Artist: Katie Platte
Poem: From Wander Rooms and Outside Noise



Janée J. Baugher

Janée J. Baugher holds an MFA from Eastern Washington University, and she regularly collaborates with visual and performing artists. Baugher is an adjunct Creative Writing instructor in Seattle and the author of the collection of poems, Coördinates of Yes (Ahadada Books, 2010). Visit:  www.JaneeJBaugher.wordpress.com

Michael Sikkema

Michael Sikkema is the author of Futuring and the chapbooks Code Over Code and Saying Things as an Engine Would. He was born and raised in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan and has lived in the San Francisco Bay area, Buffalo, NY, and the Netherlands.  He believes in correspondence:  Michael.Sikkema@gmail.com