Summer 2016 Workshops 

cmykandbright3Try something new this summer! At the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center you’ll find several new bookbinding classes including the Secret Belgian binding, an Upcycled Notebook and our first (but often asked for) workshop working with leather. Of course, we’re not forgetting some of our most popular classes like Papermaking, Monoprinting, and Letterpress.

Or, maybe you’d like to get off the computer and work on the art of beautiful lettering? Join Marijo Carney and Lisa LeBlanc, both experienced teachers and award winning calligraphers, as we begin a collaboration offering Calligraphy workshops.

No matter your interests, we’ve got something for you! Don’t forget to use our easy, online registration.

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Summer 2016 Workshops

About Our Instructors

One-Day Workshops

tasteofcalligCreate:  Taste of Calligraphy
Instructors:  Marijo Carney and Lisa LeBlanc/ Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sat., June 18, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with a lunch break

This class introduces the styles, history, and use of calligraphy as an art form. The instructors will exhibit framed calligraphic art, present images of historical and contemporary calligraphy, and demonstrate the various calligraphic styles, tools, and media that result in a finished calligraphic piece.  Students will then try their hand at making Italic letterforms.  Class fee includes all materials.

Price: $75.00 No longer available.
Please call 269-373-4938 if you are interested in enrolling for this class.


introbookBookbinding:  Casebound Book

Instructor: Crystal Shaulis / Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sun., June 26,  noon to 5:00 p.m.

Learn, step-by-step, how to create an attractive hardcover book. Students will measure, cut, and assemble their own components to create a hardcover book. Skills covered in this class include kettle-stitching and correctly measuring the spine and boards for case bindings. The small size of this class makes sure each student has one-on-one time with the instructor so everyone walks away with a book they can be proud of. You may bring your own decorative paper to further personalize your creation, or choose from the assortment that KBAC will provide. Beginners welcome. 

Price: $75.00 No longer available.


wk_egraphCreate:  E*graphics for 2- and 3-D Creations
Instructor:  Elizabeth King/ Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sat., July 16, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The encaustigraphic (or e*graphic) process uses encaustic wax and archival inks to create a lightweight, luminous material that not only transmits color like stained glass, but can also be easily cut and shaped into flat or structural forms. Plus, you can use any image you like—drawings, paintings, photos, collages, sketchbook details, or just abstract colors and designs— to make a material that has endless possibilities for experimentation. Learn how to make this innovative art material and then explore its use in both flat and structural creations. We’ll work with provided samples, as well as any images you’d like to bring, and then discuss possibilities for books, luminarias, sculpture, mobiles and more. For examples of e*graphics in action, visit

Price: $75.00 No longer available.


wk_gelliprintCreate:  Gelatin Printing and a Flag Book          
Instructor:  Lorrie Grainger Abdo/ Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sun., July 17, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Monoprinting on gelatin plates is all the rage in the world of mixed media.  Learn how to make beautiful simple (or more complex prints) using paint, stencils, mark making tools and the plate.  Then you’ll showcase some of your prints in an intriguing flag book presentation.  You’ll have time to create extra prints for use for other projects like books, collage, greeting cards and more. To enhance the experience students are encouraged to bring acrylic paints in favorite colors, chunky rubber stamps, fine tip markers, and stencils.

Workshop is Full


wk_letterpressPrint:  Introduction to Letterpress
Instructor:  Katie Platte/ Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sat., July 23, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Back in the day (pre-typewriter/computer/smart phone) letterpress was the only way words could be printed onto paper. Now it is an art form. This new class will give you a taste of what it is, how it is done and you’ll actually do it!  Bring in a short poem or quote and then, using antique wood and metal type, you’ll select your type, set it into a “chase” and print it on one of our 100+ year old presses.  The opportunity to learn from Katie, a professional printer and artist, will help you decide if a future, longer class is for you. 

Price: $75.00 No longer available.


 leatherpocketjournalBookbinding:  Leather Pocket Journals                                              NEW CLASS!
Instructor: Crystal Shaulis / Price $35, Donor price $31.50
Wed., July 27,  6:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m.

Learn how to bind a book using the long and chain-stitch technique, a binding that dates back to medieval Germany. With this method, the paper sections of your book will be sewn directly through the cover of the journal, allowing your stitch-work to be visible, creating a decorative and functional element. We will use genuine leather (faux leather also available) to bind our notebooks, incorporating a leather tie closure for safekeeping. If time allows, students will also monogram the covers of their new journals. Beginners welcome. 

Price: $35.00 No longer available.


 wk_paperPaper:  Introduction to Papermaking
Instructor:  Kim Hosken Eberstein/ Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sat., July 30, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For years the KBAC has offered a 4-week Basics of Papermaking workshop  but maybe you want to see if papermaking is for you before committing to a longer class. Here’s your chance. In this workshop you will learn about the materials, fibers and tools you need to successfully make paper. You’ll form sheets and begin to play with colored pulps and inclusions. Instruction will be flexible enough for beginners and experienced papermakers to use the time, facility and material to create the types of paper you find most interesting and useful. 

Price: $75.00 No longer available.


secretbelgianBookbinding:  Secret Belgian Binding                                                NEW CLASS!

Instructor: Crystal Shaulis / Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sat., August 6,  11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

The Secret Belgian is a hybrid binding that allows the book to open and lay flat, yet also have a hard protective spine. The name sounds ancient, but this style binding was invented by Belgian bookbinder Anne Goy in the 1980s, who wanted to combine the appearance of a Japanese stab binding, but wanted the journal to lay flat for easier use. In this class, students will learn how to weave together the book’s components to create their very own Secret Belgian journal. This is a sewing-intense binding, and some prior experience with sewing is helpful but not mandatory. All materials provided, but students are free to bring decorative papers for their own projects as well. 

Price: $75.00


drypointPrint:  Introduction to Drypoint                                                           NEW CLASS
Instructor: Katie Platte/Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sun., August 7, Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Drypoint is a traditional intaglio printing process in which an image is scratched directly onto a plate. Ink is then rubbed into the the incised lines and transferred onto paper using an etching press. Students will spend the beginning of the class drawing their image into plexiglass. The remainder of the class will be spent printing a small edition of their work. This class can also be used as an opportunity to use our etching presses to print plates made outside of the class.  

Price: $75.00 No longer available.


wk_suminagashistabboundBookbinding:  Hardcover Japanese Stab Binding

Instructor: Crystal Shaulis / Price $35, Donor price $31.50
Wed., August 10,  6:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m.

In this class, students will learn how to create their own Japanese stab bound book with a hinged hardcover. In most binding styles, sheets of paper must first be folded before sewn together into a book format. The advantage of a stab binding is that loose sheets of paper can be directly piled together in one ‘block’ then sewn together. Typically, Japanese stab bound books have soft covers, but in this workshop, students will learn to create a hinge in their hard covers allowing the book to open easily while maintaining the integrity of the book’s contents. All materials provided, but students are free to bring decorative papers for their own projects as well. Beginners welcome. 

Price: $35.00


calligrefreshCreate:  Calligraphy Refresher Workshop      NEW CLASS AND INSTRUCTOR!
Instructor:  Lisa LaBlanc/ Price $35, Donor price $31.50
Sat., August 13, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A class for those interested in brushing up on their calligraphy skills. Lisa will illustrate the basic proportion and construction of each upper and lower case letter in the Italic alphabet, and class participants will practice them. Students will be encouraged to bring in their own calligraphic work for private critique. 

Price: $35.00


upcycledjournalBookbinding:  Upcycled Notebooks                                        NEW CLASS!
Instructor: Crystal Shaulis / Price $75, Donor price $67.50
Sat., August 27, 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

Ever find an old and interesting looking book, but find the content to be…not as interesting? Or maybe you have an old favorite laying around, but the pages are damaged and you don’t have the heart to recycle it. Upcycle it instead! During this workshop, students will bring in an old hardcover book to be made into a ‘new’ notebook. Students will learn how to take apart old books and prepare them for binding into a non-adhesive notebook that opens to lay flat for journaling or sketching. Please bring one or two hardcover books with you to class, all other materials will be provided. Beginners welcome. 

Price: $75.00


Extended Workshop

wk_rosepaperPaper:  The Basics of Papermaking
Instructor: Kim Hosken Eberstein / Price $140, Donor Price $126
Mon., Aug. 8, 15, 22 and 29, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

During this four-week workshop, we will use the papermaking process to create unique, expressive art.  We will use colored pulp, fibers, and collage elements to make works suitable for framing.  During the last session, we will create a sewn book form and folio from paper created in previous weeks.  Both experienced papermakers and beginners are welcome!  

Price: $140.00



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