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Hart-Seeger-Myers broadside by Jeff Abshear

Hart-Seeger-Myers broadside by Jeff Abshear

Poets in Print broadsides

KBAC sponsors the creation of broadsides featuring the work of the poets in our Poets in Print series. Each includes an image created by KBAC artists and friends accompanying the poet’s work and produced by hand on our Vandercook press. Printed on handmade paper these limited editions are collector’s items. They are for sale in our shop and on view our broadside gallery.


KBAC artists accept commissions for special projects. Broadsides, journals, chapbooks, folios and other handmade paper and printed items designed and created in our studios make unique and lasting commemorations of special occasions. To discuss commissions contact the director of KBAC, Jeff Abshear, jeff@kalbookarts.org


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