KBAC is just inside the main entrance of Park Trades Center

KBAC is just inside the main entrance of Park Trades Center

KBAC is easy to find. Enter the door under the Park Trades Center brushstroke mural at 326 W. Kalamazoo Avenue. Turn right to enter our Gallery and meeting area. Exhibitions are on view here most of the year. Watch for monthly notices and openings during Art Hop events at the first of each month. We hold Poetry in Print reading series and other presentations here several times a year. The Gallery opens into our two large studios, one dedicated to papermaking, the other to letterpress and printmaking.


KBAC paper making and drying studio

KBAC paper making and drying studio

The papermaking area includes a pulp preparation room with two beaters, cold storage for materials, a sink and storage space for pulp and supplies. Adjacent is a large working area for making paper. It includes two large sinks, working surfaces, drying equipment for paper and storage for felts. We have a range of vats and molds for small to very large sheets.

KBAC printing studio

KBAC printing studio

The “dry” area includes equipment for letterpress, hand typesetting relief and intaglio printmaking, bookbinding and other finishing processes. The press area includes two etching presses, two Vandercook presses, a Chandler Price platen press and other equipment and work surfaces for typesetting, proofing, paper cutting and finishing.


The KBAC Store has a wide variety of book arts items and supplies for sale.

The KBAC Store has a wide variety of book arts items and supplies for sale.

The KBAC Book Arts Store overlooking the gallery stocks book arts supplies, paper, journals, broadsides, cards, gifts and more for sale.


The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center is developing a reference library focusing on book arts, papermaking, printmaking, print history, type and letterpress. Please visit our LibraryThing page to view our collection.


KBAC gallery and presentation area

KBAC gallery

Our gallery has wall space and flexible display panels to accommodate large work and gallery quality  directional lighting. Pedestals and wall mounted shelving are available for dimensional work. The space doubles as a presentation area with seating for Poets in Print readings, presentations and other events.


KBAC print studio Vandercook press

KBAC print studio Vandercook press

Our letterpress studio includes:

  • Chandler Price new style platen press 8 x 12 (ca 1913)
  • Vandercook sp15 (ca 1963)
  • Vandercook Universal III (1964)
  • Kelsey platen press 5 x 8
  • Platen press 6 x 8.5
  • Proofing press (galley height)
  • Rule cutters/miter
  • Chases/quoins etc
  • Furniture/reglit
  • 3 imposing surfaces

Typefaces including:

  • Centaur
  • Erhardt
  • Helvetica
  • Sabon
  • 20th century
  • and many others in various sizes including wood type, initial sets, display faces etc
  • decorative blocks /rule


  • 2 Dickerson Combination presses
  • litho press
  • acid bath for etching with ferric chloride
  • 2 30 x 48 paper baths
  • papermaking
  • brayers
KBAC papermaking studio beaters

KBAC papermaking studio beaters


  • 2 1.5 pound valley beaters
  • hydraulic and pump paper presses
  • drying press
  • box molds
  • multiple vats
  • multiple sizes and shapes of molds and deckles
  • blenders


  • 6 smaller book presses
  • 1 large book press
  • many book clamps
  • 4 sewing frames
  • board shear
  • book shear (small)
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