Jan 252015
2011 KBAC Illustrated Accordion opening

2011 KBAC Illustrated Accordion opening

Experience the many dimensions of the book arts at the KBAC Gallery, a showcase for group shows like the Illustrated Accordion as well as work by local and guest artists.

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Oct 142016

jeffwebJeff Abshear: Urban Lithos

KBAC Gallery, Nov. 4-23
Opens Nov 4, during Art Hop from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Over the years KBAC Executive Director Jeff Abshear has created paintings and prints of urban scenes set in Kalamazoo and other Michigan locations. This exhibition features a selection of his lithographs.

Aug 232016
KBAC Gallery, September 9–23
Opening reception September 9, 6:00 – 9:00
 This exhibition features the work created by Western Michigan University students who traveled throughout Italy and Europe to study book arts in summer of 2016. Support for Book Arts in Venice and the Italian Journey was provided by Frostic School of Art and Haenicke Institute for Global Education.florenceweb
Jul 052016

KBAC Gallery, Oct 7 – 28
Opens Oct 7, during Art Hop from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

LIBRARTIS: Artists’ Books You Can Touch


Installation view at Kean University

LIBRARTIS is the creation of Fabio Mazzieri from Siena, Italy who invited 100 artists from Italy and a dozen other countries to participate in this exhibition of one-of-a-kind books you can touch. It is against normal expected protocol to be invited to experience tactile qualities in an art gallery or museum. However, this is exactly what Mazzieri intended. This time the visitor is invited to touch.

Mazzieri says, “The book is a reference, a reading tool that is a cornerstone of our culture. But while writing is one form of expressive imagination, painting may display parallel worlds of reality. As pages are painted, drawn, scratched, and stained — these tactile materials open new horizons of expression. The artist always thinks of discovering new techniques, new forms, and new spaces. To fully experience the artist’s book one must turn the pages, touch for the first time the work of art that, usually, is forbidden to touch — a new sensation to feel smooth paper, rough, porous, fabrics, soft, plastic, sharp sensations and tactile values can even benefit the blind.”

gl_oct2By combining the Italian words for book and art, the title and concept of LIBRARTIS was born. Invitations were first given to artists from Tuscany, and later, as the idea grew, extended to the whole of Italy — now the artistic friendships extend internatonally and books in the show are included from Argentina, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Georgia, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States.

–Neil Tetkowski, Director of University Galleries, Kean University

Jun 132016

Jill Jepsen, WHY., 25″ x 36″, hand stamping with type on mulberry paper, 2016.


KBAC Gallery, Dec 2 – 22
Opens Dec 2, during Art Hop from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Today, texting a single letter implies a word. Taking a road trip requires typing an address into a phone and a voice directs you to the destination. For years, a word was arranged letter by letter. Traveling required pulling over, unfolding the map, finding where you were and where you wanted to go. The journey is the destination.

Jill Jepsen’s current body of work explores the possibilities of type as a visual journey. Repetitive printing, cutting and reorganizing printed matter are studio methods used to create new images. How is the print read? Do they transform, change in character as they move across a surface?

Jepsen received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University with a concentration in painting and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited in many solo, juried and group exhibitions throughout Michigan. Jill currently teaches art courses in the Humanities Department at Washtenaw Community College. In addition to the collage work, Jill also has a letterpress print studio at her home in Ann Arbor.


Jill Jepson, WHY. (detail), 25″ x 36″, hand stamping with type on mulberry paper, 2016.



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