Dec 092014

Laurel Premo, Lauren Paquette, Lauren Newton

KBAC Gallery, February 6-27
Opens During Art Hop, February 6, 2015, 6:00-9:00 p.m.


Laurel Premo, Lapland, Silkscreen

Laurel Premo

The primary medium I work with is screen print on natural or recycled paper that gives the pieces a textural quality that connects them with the grit or realistic themes of the images that I portray. I draw from my connections with nature, music, and primitive images from real life in attempt to herald these fundamental parts of the world. I create work to hold onto powerful experiences that I’ve had in the natural world or to share these memories with other city-dwelling citizens. My promotional design projects are often inspired by clear bold lines from history – anywhere from old railroad ticket posters to constructivist art.


Lauren Newton, Motivation

Lauren Newton

Art is a wonderful form of communication and exploration of self for me. Much of my work throughout college touches on the idea of identity and what makes us who we are, and how it is that we get to certain places in life.

When it comes to art I always love to try new things in different mediums. Printmaking however, has and always will be one of my favorites.






Lauren Paquette, intaglio

Lauren Paquette
A first impression is a half hazard attempt to dissect and understand a person with brief visual ques. With a first impression we take several things away from meeting someone. In a snap shot of time we analyze and determine a basic concept of a person and whether or not we will pursue further information. You are viewing a timeline of my work, a glimpse of the growth and discovery that occurred. My work is developed by the constant desire to understand and/or control emotions, personalities and behaviors both my own and those around me. I sought a greater awareness of my actions and innate behaviors in order to predict my emotions and actively adjust my behaviors that were unpredictable in the past.

This is the most accurate first impression you could have of someone, a moment in time to meet and understand their past, present and the future of who they could be.

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